Office of Police Oversight Reception TI - SFB-20-051-0-2020

General Tenant Improvement


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date10/3/19 10:30 am

Bid Date10/9/19 10:30 am

Company & Contacts

City of Boise

Kathy Chase  


Boise, Idaho

Scope of Work: The project is a general tenant improvement to construct an office and improvements to an existing service desk to include new finishes, installation of security panels, and modification of a service counter. The service counter work will need to be phased to ensure a minimum of two service windows and the fingerprinting station remain open during construction. This will likely result in 3 phases: 1 – window #5; 2 – windows #3 and #4; 3 – windows #1 and #2.