RFQ - Elevate Academy Idaho Falls



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Bid Date10/7/22 10:00am

Company & Contacts

Paradigm of Idaho, Inc.

Cole Coba   (208) 972-7958


Idaho Falls, Idaho

Elevate Academy is preparing to build a new public charter school to serve the 6th-12th grade students in Idaho Falls intended to be open for school to begin Fall of 2024. In addition to planning for this current project, Elevate Academy is planning multiple new school developments through the state of Idaho over the next 5 years and intends to qualify a CM/GC Firm to partner with in these projects. The goal is to design and construct a cost effective yet quality facilities, which will provide maximum benefit to each student with access to a high-quality education.

Elevate Academy is seeking responses from licensed Construction Managers (CMs) licensed in the State of Idaho and in good standing, to provide their qualifications to perform certain Construction Management/General Contractor services (“CM/GC Services”) as determined by Elevate Academy.

Elevate Academy intends to construct their project using the Construction Manager\General Contractor (CM/GC) project delivery process but reserves the right to execute their project as they see appropriate.

The Elevate Academy “Qualification Based Selection” (QBS) Shall comply with the orderly process of: (1) Solicitation of professional qualifications, (2) Evaluation and ranking of qualifications, (3) Establishment of a ranked list of service providers, and (4) Negotiation of the scope of services and fees.