DPW-22600-IDVS: Boiler & Chiller Replacement VET-P

Idaho State Veterans Home-Boiler and Chiller Plant Replacement


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date11/9/23 11:00am

Bid Date12/5/23 11:00am

Company & Contacts

Idaho Division of Public Works
Barry Miller  


Pocatello, ID

A description of the work of this project can be summarized to include: The Boiler scope involves replacing the existing (2) boilers with (3) smaller boilers with better turn down ratio. The plant will be sized so (2) boilers operating will be able to meet the heating load on design day. This arrangement will provide 50% redundancy and improves operating efficiency for the majority of the heating season. The Chiller scope will involve replacing the (2) water cooled chillers and cooling tower with one 150 ton air cooled chiller installed adjacent to the Loading Dock at the north wing. New chilled water circulating pumps will be utilized and arranged in a primary-secondary arrangement. The new pumps will be controlled in a lead/standby sequence such that one pump can supply all of the cooling equipment in the building with a reasonable diversity factor. The speed of the pumps will be controlled by variable frequency drives to ensure adequate temperature differential.

Estimated Cost: $ 838,000.00